Shopping in Germany

التسوق في ألمانيا

Andreas Hoferick / Sculptor

Peter Barczewski / Digital Artist

Peter Barczewski / Digital Artist

Bernd Streiter / Painting

Daniela Roßner / Painting

Daniela Roßner / Painting

Roth Cameo / Flat engravings and Objects

Susanna Kraus / Imago

Edition Art




Shopping in Germany – Edition Art


Shopping in Germany represents an extensive network of German artists and brings works from various fields of art and crafts into the Arab world. It is the work of exceptional artists and specialists, and we are happy to present them to an international audience.


The trade fair visitors will experience sculptures made of bronze or plaster, paintings and photographs, as well as furniture design and precious art. You get a digital insight into the depth of the production of such art, experience the artist in his meticulous work with attention to detail and the work in its genesis.


This cross-section of the possibilities is intended to inspire the interested viewer to find contact with precisely the artist through Shopping in Germany, who has already exactly produced the desired, particular work.


At the same time, we are interested in the exchange with artists from the local scene who will be given the opportunity to exhibit in Germany and present their works to an interested audience.


It is not only the establishment of long-term business relations, but also the exchange between cultures that is the focus of our work. Art is a medium that moves more than anyone else to deal with the people behind it. How does the artist experience a person, an object or a situation, and why does he choose exactly that way to formulate his emotions? In the age of globalization and the ever closer coexistence of different cultures and religions, it makes sense to open up this view. This is true for art because it is real, touchable, can also be touched and heard, and offers more than just looking at the Internet.


Our goal is to strike bridges between the Arab and German world through art to bring together people who combine artistic and economic interests.


See & experience

In the time from Tuesday, September 12 to Saturday, September 16, 2017,

we are looking forward to welcoming you in Hall 5 at our booth B11.

The Ruby Eagle / The Legend

Bernhard Becker / Flat engravings and Objects

Bernhard Becker / Flat engravings and Objects

Carola Petry / Gemstones

Roth Cameo / Flat engravings and Objects

The Ruby Eagle / The Legend

Eberhard Bank / Engraving master

Klaudia Brommund / Falconry



Shopping in Germany is on tour through the Arab world to present our concept of approach through common artistic and economic interests to the broadest possible audience.


The aim is to build a lively network in mutual interest.




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